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Our vision is explained in our post, and in our daily life. If you want to support us and partner with us during this lifelong adventure, we would love to chat with you. The chat down there is for you! Also, here are our bank details, for who ever feel to give anonymously. God may bless you, we are looking forward to hear from you!

As we are on the move most of the time, here are different ways to give. I will write the bank account we have dependently of the region you are living in. 


Upcoming event: As you surely know, I (Ivan) am doing my bachelor degree in counseling with University of the Nation. Next step: Addictive Behavior Counseling school. I have to pay the invoice of 3995 USD before it start, the 7th April. To give directly toward this school, I invite you to give right here:


Thank you for your support!!!

God bless you
For Americans:



Or monthly donations:



Adress: 810 Eglin Parkway, 32547 Fort-Walton-Beach, Forida. (Unit 14) 

For Swiss: 

 IBAN: CH58 8080 8008 7664 1906 8

Adress: Robert Sieber, Le Creux 13, 2515 Preles, Berne, Suisse.

For Australian: 

BSB: 06 6118

Account number: 1043 9982


Adress: 9 Robertson St, 6000 Perth, WA, Australia


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