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Hello friends.

It make a very long time I stopped writing. I am sure you heard what is going on. Still, I will share a little bit here.

It make now almost a year that Cate left. I will not share her reasons neither anything else, as I think if you want to hear from her, I ask you to speak directly to her (Instagram, or phone number or Whatsapp).

For my part:

I finished the lecture phase of the school Addictive behavior counseling school. I was not able to do the outreach for some obvious reasons. I came back to Switzerland last summer, and since then tried to figure out life and what is next. I didn't take all the right choices, and it was hard time for me. It is still. I am taking time to process and will let you know when I will be back into mission, if that is what I am ment to do.

I thank you for your understanding for my lack of communication. I ask you forgiveness for that. I hope you still have my number, or my Instagram, or just this website to write me and ask me things if you want to.

I will keep this website and change it a bit to make it again my own newsletter! So stay on it if you want to receive what will be next in the future.

I thank you all for your prayer and support.

God bless you!

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