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Fundraising news!

Hello again friends. As you know we are serving as volunteer here at YWAM Ship. Out time will be done the 4th January. We would have some grace for a few weeks, but we had to leave our housing as they have full staff and student in the next season. After many prayers with some leaders, and lots of research, an Ohana (Little house on the same site of an other bigger house where other people live, as they call it in Hawaii) has been found! We signed the contract today. It is a little house, one living room with the kitchen, and a little other room with the bed and the bathroom. It's a cute little place! We are so happy that God really put His blessing over the situation. Many are looking for housing as on YWAM base it is hard to stay. As a married couple even more, as having our own house is very important for the couple, having time for us. Why people do not find anything? It is very, very expensive. Hawaii is pricy. Housing, cars, coffee! Everything is lot more expensive than on the other states of USA. For this little house, we will be paying 1550$ per month. As we prayed if we should take it, we felt peace and encouragement to sign for one year (and probably the second year too). It is now with a lot of faith that I write this post. We do not have enough monthly donation to afford that rent. God spoke for us to be here and we will follow His lead. We want to raise a support that would reach 3000$ more than what we receive now (1300$). This would provide for our rent (1550$), food and living supply (500$), some would go to gas (dependently on if get provision for a car (200$)) and the rest for the schools coming next year (ABC, communication and world view school, each coast around 5000$ for 6 months) that would finish my Bachelor degree with University of the Nations, as well as the projects Cate is called to (starting an intensive Bible school (as well 5000$ for 6 month) getting her certification as fitness and surf trainer, 300$ each).

We need you help to raise such a support for the next 2 years! We would love to answer any questions you might have. We really know God called us here in Hawaii to get trained and be ready to go into the nations and be missionary long term. We want to partner with you! Help us following our calling. Thank you guys for reading us. We really are excited to jump into this adventure, full of faith, and eager to see God miracles! Love Ivan & Cate

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