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(Little story about this picture at the bottom)

Good news! Really good news. It is with a grateful heart and very less heavy that I am writing (Ivan). Last month, we had to find money to pay our rent and part of the deposit. Because of your generosity, we have been able to give all what we had to. Some weeks later, we again need to pay for multiple areas. And we have just been given a 2000$ donation.

What does that mean?

- I had until the 31th to pay my Advanced Training in Counseling Ministry outreach that I am doing right now. It was 1012$, and because of this donation I will be able to finish the school and get the credits. Thanks God!

- This month we had to pay the rest of the deposit that we couldn't pay last month. With the rent it was 2550$! With this donation we are able to pay the full amount.

- We can look forward for what come next!


- Cate started as a surf trainer. These weeks are slow due to not much tourism, but they say it will come back in February. She also started working as Nanny in Hotels. She is there as I am writing this. With these two jobs, it will be a really good help for our monthly food and activities, as well to pay her BCC (Bible Core Course) in September. It is so good to see how God is faithful. Being in Hawaii and surfing as a work! It is not that easy as it is only reef and every day Cate come back with new cuts. It is still very beautiful to see how God provided and how Cate serve in both her jobs with all her heart.

- I am in my ATCM outreach as said before, and will start the ABC (Addictive Behavior Counseling school) as I was accepted today!!! It's very exciting to see how God open doors for me to keep going in this path in the counseling ministry.


- We just receive two new supporter, and so we are now able to pay for our monthly rent of 1550$. Pray that more people would want to partner with us monthly!

- I will be starting my ABC the 7th April! The invoice is 3995 $. Pray that God will provide for this as well. If you feel to give, the direct link to have a direct payment toward the school is right here:

- We still trust for a car. Cate now with her work needs a car as some hotels are pretty far (30-40 minutes away). We are so blessed that one of our friend has a car that he usually rent but has no renter right now. Soon he will sell his car and we really will need a car for this work purpose.

- Our growth as a couple: we slowly but surely find ways to have a more healthy communication. It's tough work! We love it, and we always need prayer for our marriage. Soon will already be our one year anniversary! Pray that God will keep his blessing and grace over us.

We had maybe one or two messages in our little "let's chat" bubble (on the down right of your screen). Don't hesitate to pop in there and let us know how you are, what are your challenges, and how can we be part of your journey. Let's pray for each other!

Thank you for your support once again. We are so blessed, and really want to keep working hard in our ministries to learn and grow, and be ready to go into the nation. See you guys! Bless you!

Little story: Before coming to Hawaii, we have been invited by Cate's grand-mother and grandfather (Mama-nanny and Pa, Love you!!). They live in Georgia, where Cate lived until she was 14 years old. It was just before Thanksgiving, where the whole family would meet there. Maybe 2 days before, we went to visit one of Cate's friend with the one she would ride horses and do crazy stuff (really, like driving golf cart, all kind of things.) So we were there, and I was playing with my marriage ring. Suddenly, it felt... It was in the aeration system of the house. I had to go under that house foundation, open the aeration, take my band and close it all again. It was really scary. But the story isn't done!

Later we took the horses! It was so fun. One was a bit crazy, but still both of them were very gentile. Ni une ni deux, we were in the woods visiting the green forest of Georgia. Is I was riding I felt something happening around my hand. My wedding band was missing again.

It felt because of the horse walking pattern. This time we didn't find it.

God clearly did something already miraculous to provide this ring, and He didn't let us lose it! Some week later, we received a message that Cate's friend boyfriend found the ring. He did the whole way with a gold detector and finally found it. I just thought it was good to share this little story. God is so faithful, even in these little thing. He really want to make us feel loved. Finding my marriage band again was for me such a gift. This band was given to me miraculously, and I count on me to keep it my whole life!!

That's it! Now I am with rubber band that I bought 2$ in Walmart. I will keep my ring safe! :)

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