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Update / 2022 Start

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Hi everyone!

I want to use this update to let you know where we are at, as things moved very quickly these past 3 weeks. Little summary to refresh everyone:

- We moved out of YWAM Ship and our Volunteer time there. We have now our own little apartment.

- I started outreach (to finish the Advanced Training school in Counseling ministry started in February 2021, in Chatel Switzerland) with University of the Nations. We will be ministering to people around here and feel to really focus on the people of our team to have heart to heart friendship with each other and with God. Through this process we hope to reach around us and provide support, armed with God strengths provided for all of us. (I will speak a bit more down there about my heart in this outreach)

- Cate found a work as surf trainer. It is low season right now, but will slowly start that. As we she is doing administrative key documentation to be able to get a job as nanny in the hotels around here. This as well will take some time to start. She feel to do that and part time ministry in some ways (still will see in what ways) and in the following month will be starting a BCC (Bible Core Course) which is a intense Bible study where we learn how to study the Bible on our own, getting what God want to share personally with us and the world.

- Our primary need now is financial. We took this new little home following what we felt God speaking and are jumping in faith that He will provide for it, as well for a car and our schools.

Read more if you want to know more!


Our apartment is amazing! First time in our own place, it feel very sweet. We spend good time, have friend over and enjoy our time. Surely it will get very busy as I start outreach (50 hours of full time ministry) and Cate start working. But it is such a gift to be able to come back to our little place that we know being blessed by the Lord! Thank you for your prayer for that, as it was very miraculous to find such a place so quickly, in the perfect timing (when we had to go out of YWAM Ship. We are so thankful for God help in that.

How my outreach started was as well a miracle. I don't know if you are aware, but I am currently on an ESTA visa. It is a visa that allow me to spend 3 month at the time (only 6 month per year) in the USA. It was already miraculous that they let me come into the country in November as it was my third time of the year. Arriving in Hawaii, and God sharing that we would stay here (we were expecting our return to Australia... But God plan was different, and perfect) I had to find a solution for me to stay, as in February my ESTA would end, and I will not be able to come back as it was already the third time last year (2021). My only solution was the Green card, and as God spoke to stay here in Hawaii, we started it. It is a long and very expensive administrative process, but needed for me.

So last week as I was praying with a leader, I was sharing how now I will need to work but really wanted to hear what God wants for me. (I couldn't start my outreach legally before getting the application for green card started, but as well needed to find a whole bunch of money to do so.) It's messy to explain, imagine how messy it is to process. The need to find a new place, find 2100$ to pay government and attorney (yes, you need an attorney as they are the only one that can do the immigration stuff! Weird right? haha welcome to the USA!) finding 1500$ per month for rent, as well as 1500$ for deposit that I need to find next month.

Guys! SO many things in the same time, but God made it through until now, and will keep doing it. We are now in our new place, and payed the first month of rent and 500$ of the deposit. My outreach will coast a bit more than 1000$ that I need to pay until next week. It make a lot of number. I really want you to know what we are doing and why, and so we may feel more close!

We found miraculously the 1760$ to pay government, and through this process God clearly told me not to work but to keep doing my studies, and so continuing into counseling. What a miracle! Money coming in, and answer for my future. It was awesome!

To finish with the finance:

- We still need 400$ to pay the attorney this month, and 400$ more when I will have my interview for the green card. (Altogether it was 1200$ for the attorney and 1760$ for the government.)

- We need more monthly supporter! We still are at 1300$ per month and need to reach 3000$.

- My outreach will cost 1012$ for the 3 month. Here is the unique link to donate directly to donate for that:

- We are praying for a car since a few weeks. We are blessed for now that a friend in outreach let us use his scooter (moped) and an other his car. We really need to be able to find our personal way to move around before Cate start working. If you feel to give for that specifically, write us personally, and please pray for us for that!

- Next month we will be paying 1550$ of our monthly rent, and adding 1000$ for the deposit (as we already payed 550$ last month). We need help for that as well, pray for us, and also if you feel to give, write us!

I think it is all. It is for me really the first time that I am in need of so much money. I am learning to trust, spending way more time giving my fear to God and letting go of my need of control. He is all in control, and we are learning this very deeply in this season. I really hope that these situation of deep financial need will not be so hard in the future. We are learning really to let go, and give Him all worries! Thank you for your prayer. We feel the support! Let's let God move in His incredible ways!

My heart for this outreach:

I don't know if you heard the new song of Stromae (artist very known as well in the English world! And one of the favorite artist of my aunt Dominique and uncle Dragon Daniel, hug to you!!)

Here is the song:

It really spoke to me in many ways. This song is the reason why God call me to be trained in Counseling. Many people have suicidal thought, even in a more mature age. This individual world is very intense for many, and time to process is very limited. We are many time letting thoughts, ideas, emotions down. Facing life, being strong, no, do not cry, be strong. People need help, friends need help, family need help. God call me to be trained and provide this help. The Holy Spirit is the supernatural power that will set people free, and we are saying "YES" to God that call us to bring this good news to people, friends, families. I am so happy that God chose me to be trained and to this work. As we all have a way we can be the help, I want to give everything I have to learn and make the best of these opportunity I will have to bring healing through counseling. After this outreach, I will be doing the Addictive Behavior Counseling school to be more equipped, and keep getting the credits toward my Bachelor in Counseling.

I love sharing what is happening here, as we are so far from all of you. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your prayer! One of the leader told me that he felt like a wall of prayer was behind me, helping me to face everything. I cannot imagine how many of you did pray and keep pray for us. I a deeply thankful for that!! See you soon, as miracle need to happened again these next weeks... Stay tuned!


Ivan and Cate

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